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Two-day Meridian Clearing workshop

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Zen Reflexology is a fusion of Reflexology, acupressure and aromatherapy focusing on the hands and feet.  Not only can we access the whole body through the reflexology points on the hands and feet, but every meridian also starts or ends on the hands and feet.  This fusion of modalities enhances the therapeutic effect.

The meridians are energy pathways which flow through our body.  If these meridians become stagnant or blocked they can ultimately cause our energy to become unbalanced which may result in feeling generally unwell or fatigued.

In this workshop with clear and demonstrated instruction, you will have the ability to access each meridian and clear it to result in enhanced wellness.  You will learn how to clear the 12 meridian pathways in the body using specific meridian points on the hand and feet and how to combine it with your existing reflexology procedure.  This technique can also be used on its own or to complement other bodywork techniques.

Your Registration Includes:  

2 full days of 80% hands-on practical & 20% theory training 

50g Zen Hand and Foot creme (made by myself)

50g Zen Herbal foot salts (made by myself)

Workshop notes emailed prior to workshop

Morning and afternoon teas 

18 CPT (Activity 1)

Explore Reflexology - An Introduction

This one day workshop is designed to Introduce you to the wonders of Reflexology and will enable you to help your family and friends.   You will gain a basic understanding of Reflexology to improve health & wellbeing.


This hands-on 1 day workshop introduces students to some theoretical background, basic concepts and application of Reflexology.  Upon completion you will be able to perform simple Reflexology techniques on family and friends.


This workshop will cover: 

History of Reflexology


Introduction to body systems and zones

Relaxation techniques 

Basic Reflexology  techniques

What's included:

Hands-on training

50g tub of my signature foot creme

Morning and afternoon teas

Workshop notes emailed prior to the workshop


Cost:  $195

Time: 8:30am - 5pm

Date:  Please email your interest for 2019 workshops.

Venue:  The Wellness Centre, 9 Ingham Rd, West End

For bookings and enquiries email

or call 0412 573 414